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Makoa Farm Day Trip

In the morning you will go to a small rehabilitation center Mako Farm, which is located right at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Immediately after arrival you will meet your guide and begin а light tracking, after that you will meet with the monkeys. It will be possible not only to watch the monkeys in their natural habitat, but also to play with them, took them in your hands. They are absolutely peaceable, because they are in constant contact with people who care about them.

An hour later, you’ll continue tracking, which ends at the waterfall with flying dogs, on the way the guide will tell you a brief story of Makoa Farm and answer questions you may have. On returning to the main building, the staff will lay the table for you and you can have a tasty lunch.

Next it will be the second part of the tour, you will see a variety of representatives of wild animals and learn about their history: serval, mongoose, secretary bird, cheetahs, baboons, monkeys, marabou and many others. Unfortunately, many of them cannot independently survive in the wild, so they are kept here and provide them a complete care. In addition to regular employees who feed the animals, there are also professional veterinarians and handlers who help monitor not only the state of health of the animals, but also their psychological state.

This center is not sponsored by the state and lives due to personal investment of the owner and visitors, so if you want, you can donate some money for the maintenance of any animal.

Closer to the evening, getting a lot of impressions, you will finish the tour and will go back to Moshi.

Region: Kilimanjaro
Distance: 30 km
Duration: 6 hours
What to bring: Jeans, sneakers, panama, the camera

Tour price includes:
• Shuttle back and forth Makoa Farm.
• Lunch at Makoa Farm.
• Excursion with monkeys.
• Tour around the rehabilitation center.