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Paragliding on Mount Kilimanjaro

Paragliding from the Mount Kilimanjaro requires much planning and coordination. It is not an ordinary trekking expedition because together with usual arrangements, the organizers have to be especially attentive to monitoring weather forecasts, choosing a proper camping location and a starting point, as well taking proper equipment and gear, which is not normally present during the regular climbs.Kilimanjaro Paragliding

The key idea of the project is to paraglide from the highest point in the summit zone (5,700m +). Therefore, we need to set up the camp in the crater of the Mount Kilimanjaro 5700m, as it is by far the most convenient location. We have to stay there in advance before the wind would be favorable enough. Safety of the climbing crews is our highest priority, thus we recommend on the climbing route with the smoothest acclimatization transition. Furthermore, we doubled our usual oxygen supplies for this expedition to make sure that the participants would be able to stay in the crater as long as it might be necessary.

Also there are two options of paragliding in Kilimanjaro; one is flying from summit to the base camp or any down camp and other from the summit all the way to Moshi.

Secondly options require more process, since its unusual activities require getting a special permit from the park and aviation authorities. In this case, it is necessary to obtain approvals from the TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks Authority), KINAPA (Kilimanjaro National Park Authority), and the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority.

Note: Both options require getting permit from Kilimanjaro national park and Tanzania national park

Kilimanjaro Paragliding requires each Solo pilot to have the following as minimum qualifications:

-FAI affiliated valid paragliding license (for member countries where applicable)

-SAHPA SPORTS license or higher) or equivalent from other countries

100 plus logged flights

-Cross country experience, including 1 logged flight of at least 50km.

-Medical Insurance covering the person for medical/helicopter evacuation

-Sufficient 3rd party liability insurance

-It is recommended that pilots should have completed at least 1 SIV (Simulation d’Incident en Vol in French/Safety in Flight in English) course in the past 18 months with a registered school.

Passengers wishing to fly from Kilimanjaro should have at least 5 flights prior experience in a paraglide (as a passenger) before attempting to fly as a tandem passenger from Kilimanjaro.