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Kilimanjaro Food

Kilimanjaro Climbing requires healthy food cuisine ranging from Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats for both clients and our entire Kilimanjaro trekking crew. Kilimanjaro Food

During hiking, our professional cooks will prepare three hot meals on daily basis. i.e.  breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our meals are cooked with the freshest seasonal yields. All fruits, vegetables, sea food, beef and chicken are purchased from the local markets in Moshi.  For all treks of over 5 days in length, we have re-supplied of fresh food to the camp/hut for our use.

Kilimanjaro FoodBelow is our Kilimanjaro food menu;


Toast (with honey, jam and/or butter); French toast; pancakes; sausage; bacon; eggs (scrambled, fried, omelet); cooked vegetables; fruits (oranges, mangoes, bananas), cereals; hot cereal; tea; coffee; cocoa; juice Kilimanjaro Food


Cold meat sandwiches; tuna or chicken salad sandwiches; grilled cheese sandwiches; fruits (oranges, mangoes, bananas);  eggs; French fries, otherwise known as chips; tea; coffee; cocoa; juice. Kilimanjaro Food


Beef, chicken (roasted, stewed, curried); pasta; rice; vegetables (stewed, boiled, steamed, curried); potatoes (mashed, boiled, fried); corned beef + cabbage; Ugali (Local dish); fruits (oranges, mangoes, bananas); tea; coffee; cocoa, juice.

Also we have various special diet for various allergic, we will provide a form to fill before climb to state your allergic food in order for our cook to be aware and full responsible.

Kilimanjaro Food
Kilimanjaro Sample Food Photos

Water during Kilimanjaro Climbing

We provide drinking water throughout the entire climb.  Of course getting safe water on Kilimanjaro is always a big concern for our hikers.

At low elevations where streams and running water are found, water is collected, boiled and filtered.  At higher elevations, the water is filtered and purified using chlorine tablets.

Best snacks for climbing Kilimanjaro Packing List

  • 1-2 bars per day
  • Few packs of jerky and pepperoni sticks
  • Few packs of gummies, candy and/or chocolate
  • Energy chews & gels for summit night
  • Enough juice crystals for 2L+ per day

You can also choose your favorite snacks.