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With Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Northern Tanzania is endowed with some of Africa’s most wonderful tourist attractions. Visitors to Tanzania certainly want to see these places, but often don’t realize that the country has much more to offer. With the variety of cultures and as attractive scenery everywhere, tourists could easily spend a few more days in the country and enjoy a visit to friendly farmers in the beautiful countryside. Through the Cultural Tourism Programme, tourists can now choose for various cultural tours organized by our company

Lushoto  cultural_tourism
Lushoto, the major town and district center, albeit small, in the Usambara Mountains, half way between the coast and the parks. It was founded by the German administration after the people of the area had been ‘pacifi ed’ about one hundred years ago. It offers magnificent opportunities for hiking, bird watching in the mountains, partly covered by afromontane forest. It is a great place and a get away from the heat of the coast.

This small Game Reserve in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro plays a vital role in the Tsavo ecosystem, attracting much of the wildlife onto the lush carpet of perfect savannah during the Green Season. Foot safaris, mobile bush camps and important conservation projects are further reasons as to why this area represents the future of safaris tourism

Oldonyo Lengai 
Its located just outside the Ngorongoro conservation Area, to the north east near Lake Natron. Oldonyo Lengai who’s meaning in Maasai is “Mountain of God” has had major influence on the development on this area. Its ash has blown westwards onto the
plains and has helped shaped the landscape and ecology. It is the only active volcano in the area, having erupted in 1966, 1983 and recently erupted in 2007

Hadezabe Tribe 
Take a journey into the “Gods must be crazy” movie. The Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania is the last true nomades of Africa. You will join the men as they hunt for their daily subsidence using traditional bow and arrows, or join the women as they forage for fruits and berries. This is not a show or a “tourist put on”. This is the real deal. A true African cultural experience

Datoga Tribe 
Visiting the Datoga tribe will complete your cultural experience at Lake Eyasi. The Datoga are skilled farmers and craftsman. You will visit their habitat, and experience their culture first hand. Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime.

Masai tribe 
While on your northern route safari,East Land Adventures recommends visiting a Maasai village. The Maasai play a crucial role in the preservation of land in the north.

We can bring you to a real Maasai village, where you will be exposed to all aspects of their lifestyle and invited to
participate in a traditional dance. Be aware, certain safari companies take their guests to museum type villages which have been.