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A Day Trip to a Chagga Village

A day trip to a Chagga village starts at the Chagga cave – This is under a typical Chagga homestead , set in a banana plantation–descend a steep ladder into the tunnel which was carved out to protect the livestock and women from Maasai raids –The tunnel which is wide enough for the tall A Day Trip to a Chagga VillageMaasais, suddenly narrows and it was here that the Chagga were waiting with their spears to kill the marauders (it is said that the Maasai believe that all the cattle in the world are theirs by right).A Day Trip to a Chagga Village

Behind the narrow space there are even shelves carved into the rock for the bodies of the dead Maasai. The cave then widens out into a circular area where the women, children & livestock would be hiding, (not for the claustrophobic)-then we go on to the traditional blacksmith’s where you will see the men working making tools as they have done for centuries, pushing the bellows with their feet. Then onto a banana beer “bar” –the beer is fermented in barrels and there is no shortage of drinkers passing around the beer outside the hut. Those wishing to visit Marangu Primary school will be welcome. After lunch you can visit the outdoor Chagga Museum, where you will see traditional Chagga huts, tools and artefacts, and walk to the nearby waterfalls.

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