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7 Days climbing via Rongai Route

Rongai route located eastern side of the mountain and it begins just south of the Kenya-Tanzania border through farmland and forest to several other climate zones, adding interest to the trek.
7 Days climbing via Rongai Route
There are magnificent views over the Kenyan Plains and genuine possibilities for wildlife viewing. This route normally takes 6 days, however we highly recommend 7 days to allow more time for acclimatization.

7 Days climbing via Rongai RouteDay 1: Drive from hotel to Marangu gate then Rongai gate and hike to Simba camp 3000m: Today we will drive about 1 hour from hotel to Marangu gate for registrations and collect entrance permit afterward we will keep driving about two hours to Rongai gate. You will have lunch and meet your Kilimanjaro crew, after hiking will start through crossing village of Nalemuru fields of maize and potatoes before entering the alpine trees forest. The climb is consistently and gently through attractive forest that shelters a variety of wildlife like blue monkeys and black and white Colobus Monkeys. You will reach the first campsite at the edge of rain forest and overnight.

Day 2: To Second cave  3450m: Today after breakfast  we will start steady walk ascent up to second cave for lunch, After lunch we will rest until evening were we will do a nature walk for acclimatization before back to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: To Kikelewa camp 3650m: After breakfast we will start walking in a flat area then a bit steep and descend down a bit before arrive at the camp for lunch. Today we will be able to seeing Kibo peak and eastern ice fields from the crater rim.

Day 4:To Tarn 4315m: Today after breakfast we will start with short steep climbing up grass slopes, which are rewarded with superb circular views and tangible sense of wilderness before reaching Mawenzi Tarn hut for lunch. After lunch we will do a nature walk for acclimatization to the slopes of Mawenzi and back to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: To Kibo hut 4727m: Today we will trek crossing the saddle area between Mawenzi peak and Kibo peak and it will be our last water point and on our way we will be able to see the remain of plane crash, and we will stop at the middle of alpine desert for picnic lunch before getting to the camp for earlier dinner and earlier sleep wait for the summit.

Day 6: To Uhuru summit 5895m and descend to Horombo Hut 3727m:  Around 11:00pm you will wake up for tea and some snacks and dress up warm for the summit, The summit will start with gradual ascent through volcanic screed meet zigzag trail starting to getting steep and keep moving to crater rim known as Gilman’s point 5685m rest for a while and headed to Stella point 5756m rest for a while again for pictures and view of sun rise also we will join other hikers from Barafu base camp and join together heading  to Uhuru peak 5895m. At the summit we will stay for 10-15 minutes for pictures and view and start descending back via the same trail to Kibo hut for resting, brunch and after descend to Horombo hut for overnight.

Day 7:To Marangu gate 1890m: After breakfast we will descend to Marangu gate about 18 km for 4-7 hours, Crossing moorland and rain forest zones, You will sign out in Kilimanjaro national park log book, our guide will  collect our certificate for those who manage successful summit and enjoy your hot lunch. After lunch you will meet Eastland adventures Kilimanjaro crew for group pictures and Kilimanjaro songs after we drive to your hotel in Moshi for long hot shower and Kilimanjaro beer.
7 Days climbing via Rongai Route