6 Days Kilimanjaro climb-Marangu route

6 Days Kilimanjaro climb-Marangu route

The Marangu or “Coca-Cola” Route is a relatively easy route up the mountain Kilimanjaro. Climbers sleep in dormitory style huts and also descend on the Marangu Route, so the scenery is less varied. This route is considered one of the easier routes due to gradual slopes, however acclimatization is more difficult due less days on the mountain. accommodations are in dormitory style huts, so this route is good for the rainy season treks. This route can be climbed in 5 or 6 days. 6 days is recommended. 6 Days Kilimanjaro climb-Marangu route
Day 01: 6 Days Kilimanjaro climb-Marangu route

Register at Marangu Gate (6,045ft/1,843m), the climb then starts out in the rain forest of the lower slopes where we may encounter animals, such as black & white colobus monkeys and several varieties of birds. Hike to edge of forest Mandara Hut (8,850ft/2,700m). Duration 4-5hrs.6 Days Kilimanjaro climb-Marangu route

Day 02:
After breakfast leave Mandara Hut and climb to Horombo Hut (12,205ft/3,720m). Most of the hike is through heather climate zone. Duration 6-7hrs.

Day 03:
After breakfast, head up towards Mawenzi Hut(14,160ft/4,315m). This is the high point of the day and you will have lunch before descending back to Horombo Hut(12,205ft/3,720m) where snacks will be waiting. Duration 4-5hrs.

Day 04:
Leave Horombo Hut behind and head up to Kibo Hut (15,430ft/4,703m). Enjoy the stunning views of Kibo and Mawenzi. Early dinner and early to bed, leave for the summit at midnight. Duration 6-7hrs.

Day 05:
Wake up around 11pm and get ready for summit hike. Leave for the summit at midnight and after a very steep ascent, reach Gillman’s Point(18,745ft/5,681m) after 3-4hrs. Another 3-4 hrs of gradual sloping ground and you are at the summit! Return to Horomobo Hut for the night. Duration 11-13hrs.

Day 06:
After breakfast start the hike down through heather and forest to Marangu Gate (6,045ft/1,843m). You will receive your summit certificate and say good bye to your new friends. Duration 5-7hrs.